Impacting Every Square Foot

Customized Facility Automation & Technology Services

Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

Automate Your Facility Operations

Envelop’s full-service approach provides all the technologies you need for the most advanced, efficient and secure operation of your facility.


Enterprise Technology Deployment

EnvelopiQ takes an outcome-centric approach to deploying technology that is smartly connected. Together we deliver outcomes that support your mission and achieve business objectives. You get customized solutions with fully integrated technology.

At EnvelopiQ, innovation and creativity are at our core. We view technology as an enabler that can: reinvent the user experience, streamline operational effectiveness and smartly evolve current business models.

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Open Control Systems

Building Technologies

OCS integrates modern automation systems into new or existing structures to achieve the most efficient, environmentally balanced and cost-effective facilities possible. We also provide installations that control, monitor and analyze the performance of these processes using sophisticated and interactive technology.

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Validated Custom Solutions

HVAC Products

VCS is well-versed in HVAC systems that range from air-side heat recovery options to water-side product lines. We deliver quality equipment and controls to better manage consumption, reduce peak demand during surges and make use of underutilized capabilities.

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