Construction Services

Construction Services

With the EnvelopiQ model, technology is consolidated into one deliverable to ensure everything is working together. We manage and mitigate risk associated with implementing varied technologies on your project: procurement, design, testing, installation, coordination with other trades, startup, and commissioning of all systems. After construction is completed, our day-two services negotiate and administrer warranties, longer-term maintenance and service agreements.

Technology Construction Management

Technology Implementation

Our team provides comprehensive construction management and delivery of all technology implementation subcontractors and vendors - dissolving the former barriers between IT and construction. As your project progresses, EnvelopiQ addresses all construction inquiries and requests for information.

Day to Day Managment

Delivering Technologies

Our on-site day to day management of technology vendors ensures quality workmanship, schedule integrity and adherence to plans and specifications. Our approach removes waste from the construction process by smartly self-installing and subcontracting technology systems , leveraging buying power and efficiencies during installation.

Our Expertise

Our process assigns privilege of focus to the EnvelopiQ team.  Our subject matter experts possess great depth and experience in ALL technologies that go into a facility: Building Operations, Information Technology and Specialty Systems.

With EnvelopiQ as your Technology Construction Manager, you can have peace of mind knowing everyone on the team is doing what they’re best at; driving towards the common goal of transforming your environment into an instrument that enhances efficiency, operational excellence and the human experience.