Services & Support

Planned Maintenance & Repair Services

EnvelopiQ’s services and support starts with executing your planned maintenance agreements. Our work keeps your systems running at peak efficiency and identifies issues before failure, which can result in costly repairs.

These agreements include all routine maintenance visits and equipment inspections, adjustments, and repairs. In the event of a malfunction, EnvelopiQ gets you up and running in no time. Our goal is to satisfy your needs, whatever your requirements, with a cost-effective and thorough service plan.

Remote Monitoring & Support

Today’s facility demands trained operators and managers, constantly monitoring critical life safety systems in order to rapidly identify catastrophic issues and initiate corrective actions.

EnvelopiQ manages a full range of services including:

* Fire & Security 24/7 monitoring
* Intrusion/burglar alarm monitoring
* Critical point monitoring
* Supervised opening/closing
* Test reports from fire alarm / security panel

Life Safety Inspection Services

EnvelopiQ ensures your facility stays compliant, your equipment is ready when needed, and that you meet insurance requirements with our range of services:

* Fire Extinguisher Annual Testing and Inspecting
* Fire Alarm System Annual Testing and Inspecting
* Fire Suppression Systems Annual Testing and Inspecting