Sleep Secure: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Safe Facilities

Sleep Secure: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Safe Facilities

by Dylan Caraker

The phone rings first thing in the morning, and the caller ID unmistakably reveals the caller as the person in charge of opening your business’s facilities. You know that the business has not yet opened for the day, so the only reason for the call is an emergency.

From the other end, you hear the dreadful news: your business’s security has been entirely compromised. Someone has broken in and burgled your facilities. Not only did they take top-of- the-line equipment, but also they have taken files which contain sensitive and confidential information. As Facilities Manager or Operations Manager, all eyes turn to you. How could this have happened? Isn’t it your job to ensure the facilities are secure?

The roles of Facilities Manager and Operations Manager bear a number of large burdens, with one of the topmost being the security of the facility itself. This then becomes a question of which system to use. The choice is far from a simple one, since the security market is surfeited with such a vast range of choices.

Traditionally, a facility relies on a simple lock and key system to grant entry to the facility and to secure it when it is not in use. The ease of this system is relatively obvious: each time a new employee comes on, they are given a copy of the key. However, this in itself presents a problem. Copying keys is easily and cheaply done, so there is no deterrent for an employee, present or former, to make a copy for illicit use. Therefore, in spite of its cost-effectiveness initially, a lock and key system is an open invitation for broken security. It will cost you much more in the long run in time, money, and stress.

With the option of lock and key removed, the next step is naturally to try a keyless lock with a number pad. This option does have its rewards. First, you can choose a code which is secure and which is known only to those employees to whom it is given. Additionally, the code can be changed much more effectively than a lock and key. Yet again, however, humanity that is bent on illegal activity will find a way. The code may not be copied, but it is very easy for the employees to share it with whomever they choose. Any number of unknown individuals can get ahold of those digits and break in at will.

After all avenues have been exhausted, the final choice stands out crystal clear. Programmable keyless cards and key fobs are the form of security which will leave a facility in the surest hands. They come with a multitude of benefits, some of which are:

– An electronic record of key cards or fobs used

– The convenience of a small card or fob

– An electronic signature which is unique and cannot be copied
card or fob can be deactivated by the monitoring system to which it is associated

– A card or fob’s ability to access the facility can be turned on or off

– Additional security can be added to the card or fob with a picture and/or name of the individual to whom it belongs

– A monitoring system which has many options for who can access the facility, when they have that access, and where in the facility their access will be granted

Like all security, keyless cards and/or fobs take time and money and the proper handling of the logistics of installation and further training on how to manage it and further training on how to manage it. Envelop Group is there to help navigate all of your facilities’ security needs. They are not only capable of installing the system but also have even more security to offer. The installation of control panels can aid in monitoring entries and exits, and the addition of emergency call boxes can help if on the off chance a breach occurs. Envelop is also there to help install camera monitoring systems at entry and exit points. Envelop Group is there to make sure you sleep soundly and no untimely phone call disturbs the peace of you or your facilities’ security.