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Open Control Systems delivers quality driven, custom solutions, while focusing on partnerships to promote environmental balance, cost effectiveness, efficiency and superior customer satisfaction.  Differing from traditional solutions, OCS offers customized field level system architecture, allowing for more accurate, time sensitive data analysis.

Quality Guarantee

Large Scale Project Commissioning

Our team tests each installed system point in a building. We prototype all situational environments a facility may encounter to ensure viable long-term solutions. Our attention to planning for these seasonal and environmental changes reduces facility maintenance cost and supports ongoing facility needs.

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Pre-Project Anaylsis

System Consultation

Our customized solutions range from new facility systems design to complete system replacement, or partial upgrades. Our team will always make honest suggestions and provide high level strategies, allowing you to make the most informed and future-forward investment.

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To your unique specifications

Whether your facility is in the design phase or a long standing structure, our engineers tailor solutions to your unique system specifications, budgetary constraints, and long-term goals.

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A Look Into Every Square Foot

The Benefits of Open Control Systems

Implementing a custom facility management system gives you a look into every square foot of your building. These systems enable you to view how and where your energy is being used along with the realization of cost savings.  Data analysis of energy consumption gives building operators the opportunity to make changes and recognize malfunctions when they occur. The rapid availability of information leads to quick turnarounds in making adjustments to allow your facility to run as effectively as possible.

Tracking Usage and Cost in Real Time

Analytics & Services

OCS tracks energy use in real time, providing 24/7 access to online performance reports. Ongoing system analysis identifies improvement opportunities, which leads to cost saving action steps and maximized system performance.

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Anaytical Services Available for All OCS Solutions

Demand Limiting Applications

Ability to monitor and adjust energy consumption to reduce peak and demand surcharges.

Energy Audits & Management

Review and tracking for energy use and costs, including reporting and recommendations.

Energy Dashboards & Kiosks

Online summary of energy details, providing a quick view of building performance, designed for public viewing or more sophisticated analysis.

Energy Analytics

Charting of energy costs and usage on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, providing background for identification of ongoing improvement opportunities.

Real Time Energy Automation

Metrics tracking that reflects current utilization and allows immediate adjustments.

Utility Rebates

Oversight and incorporation of rebates when available and applicable.


Establish baseline of utility consumption based on like building databases as well as Energy Star guidelines, providing the benchmark for ongoing tracking and management.

Metering and Sub-Metering

Utility independent, billable grade metering for capturing overall utilization and/or individual components within a facility.

Utility Monitoring

Capture ,record and track utility usage, volume, efficiency and cost, providing continuous oversight and reporting.

Retro Commissioning

Review and re-commission equipment within an existing facility to ensure optimized functionality within the design.

Full-Scale Service

Post-Installation Services

Post-installation, our team is available to provide ongoing consultation and services. From software updates and training to part replacements, we are your ongoing facility systems partner.

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