Our Space Built with Our Technology

Indianapolis Headquarters

Integrating Our Own Open Protocol Control System

Customizing Our Headquarters

When Envelop needed to expand its office space our neighbors applied our custom solution to the new Indianapolis headquarters. This entailed an open protocol control system that optimized and provided monitoring for the HVAC, lighting and security systems.

A Look Into Every Square Foot

Design Implementation

For the building’s unique mechanical system, our engineers incorporated an energy efficient, low maintenance and sustainable design.


Fluid Cooler

Designed for 100% dry capacity at a dry bulb switch-over temperature of 67.9F, there's no need to waste water to cool the fluid from the building whenever the outdoor temperature is less than 67.9F. Calculated water savings of 90% annually, using on 7,163 gallons of water, compared to 94,984 gallons of typical induced draft closed circuit cooler

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Multi-Stack Energy Recovery Unit

2000 cfm of outdoor ventilation air, 1900 cfm of building exhaust air. At winter. design of -10F outside, this unit raises the out air temperature to 43F, and helps raise humidity in the dry outdoor air by adding 36.1 lb/hr of moisture. At summer, design of 95F outside, this unit cools the outdoor air to 91.8F and removes 26.7 lb/hr of moisture. There is no cross-contamination of the outside and exhaust air across the enthalpy cores.

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Custom Air Handler

Ventilation and Primary Air Unit

Liquid Desiccant Air Handler provides low dew point primary air to Active Chilled Beams serving the perimeter and ventilation air to the rest of the entire building. Direct and independent control of humidity and temperature means there's no need to overcool and reheat, saving 20-40% of the energy associated with outside air high latent mechanical systems and 30-60% over solid wheel desiccant systems. The non toxic liquid desiccant solution acts as a biocide by scrubbing the cross flow of microorganisms and bacteria.

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A Look Into Every Square Foot

Heating & Cooling

The core of the building is conditioned by a water-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. The perimeter and some conference rooms are served by Active Chilled Beams, which require on 23% of the fan driven airflow of a typical Variable Air Volume(VAV) system, resulting in astounding fan energy savings. An innovative liquid desiccant dehumidifying air handler with air pretreated by an enthalpy core heat exchanger provides the ventilation for the building and the primary air the for Active Chilled Beams. An efficient Water-Source Heat Bump with hot gas reheated for humidity control serves the Training Room. The water-cooled system is cooled by an eco-Fluid Cooler, designed to save 92% of the water used by a typical fluid cooler.

Unique Patented Induction Nozzle


Four times as much supply air as primary air with very little air pressure drop, no fan and virtually no noise. Models include traditional 2x4 lay-in ceiling style units and architecturally pleasing concealed bulkhead-mounted style units. Infusers increase ventilation effectiveness and comfort by delivering twice as much air as the air that is ducted to them.

Refrigerant Flow System


Water-cooled VRF with an IEER of 22.p and a COP of 4.48 permits synchronous cooling and heating in different zones at the same time. 17 various indoor unit types provide zoned temperature and humidity control.

Heat Pump for Training Room

Heat Pump for Training Room

The first 30 EER and 5 COP rated water-source heat pump on the market. Hot Gas Reheat and Humidistat.

Heat Pump for Training Room


This dual refrigerant circuit unit is capable of providing either hot water or chilled water to the Active Chilled Beams.