Hoosier Prairie Elementary

Using Analytic Software

Cost Saving

Leveraging Facility Data

Hoosier Prairie Elementary in Western Indiana was one of the more underperforming facilities in a school district with over 30 buildings.  The controls and equipment in the building were modern and had been replaced in 2014 but were never optimized to take advantage of potential savings.  The building is equipped with a chiller plant, boiler plant and a single AHU that serves 58 non-fan powered VAV boxes with electric heat.

OCS Data Response Lab implemented our non-invasive system analytic software tools which performed intense interrogation of the operation for the entire HVAC system.  Within the first 6 weeks of recording data the software discovered that although the entire facility’s space temperatures were comfortable, the method of achieving it was not energy efficient.  With slight modifications to the air handling unit’s discharge air temperature set point (raise it from 53F to 56F), and some high-level scheduling adjustments, we were able to save the customer over $38,000 over the next 4 months.  The building continues to operate at peak efficiency and now one of the best performing schools in the district.