Perseverance & Partnership: TOA

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Perseverance & Partnership: TOA

What began as a simple introduction from OCS / VCS Mechanical Systems Engineer, Larry Moore, evolved into an A-Z design and build project for TOA, a Mooresville, Ind. auto chassis manufacturer, and created a true professional partnership that allowed the business to evolve into a more efficient and environmentally prudent place for employees.

When Larry first met with TOA Facility Engineer, Albert Decker, he quickly assessed a need for equipment replacement at the plant. With two aging galvanized cooling towers in place, Decker had noted a slow but very damaging deterioration on both tower cells.  A discovery process revealed that the exhaust louvers from the mechanical room to outdoors were emitting corrosives and corroding the cooling towers.

Two new Evapco counter-flow cooling towers with all TYPE 304 stainless steel construction were provided to replace the older galvanized Marley crossflow cooling tower equipment, along with new custom control panels. The stainless steel construction eliminated future concerns for premature failure of the new cooling tower cells due to corrosion.

But the work didn’t stop there.

By taking the TOA facilities team to the Evapco Manufacturing plant in Greenup, IL, they could observe fabrication of the new equipment and validate the superior technology they would employ.  During a visit to Evapco, the team realized another issue at TOA – negative building pressure caused by welding apparatus and associated building exhaust.

Make up air was needed in the facility and VCS moved quickly to provide TOA with an engineering analysis in order to ascertain the extent of the issue.

With a solid diagnosis and solution in hand, TOA seemed ready for installation.  But a looming new construction project entailing nearly half a million square feet of new space changed the landscape of the project.

After meeting with TOA’s selected construction firm on the new addition, VCS and OCS were given the opportunity to offer additional equipment and controls to accommodate the new additions, including the new East Plant, the new North Stamping Plant and the New E-Coat Plant.

After a great deal of work and coordination, VCS and OCS were able to secure the equipment order and control the integration order for the initial project, as well as the additional mechanical equipment and controls required for the new construction projects.

TOA’s comprehensive plan entailed 1,700 tons of ventilation & HVAC systems designed to serve the existing plant, The new East Plant and the new ECO Plant. The BOM included 14 custom Innovent DX Cooling and Natural Gas make up air units (custom painted to match the facility’s facade).

VCS and OCS were also awarded an order for all process cooling equipment, required to cool the new presses, welding machines and water cooled machinery, including new water cooled air compressors that supply all process air to the North Stamping Plant.

The BOM for the process loop equipment included 7 induced draft Evapco cooling towers, each constructed of all TYPE 304 Stainless Steel, 2 ACS custom pump skids with process pumps, recirculation pumps, dual duty backup / standby pumps, Carel PLC custom controls with BACnet integration, dual well stainless storage tanks and all required filtration equipment, including Shelco stainless filter housings connected in parallel, allowing filters to be replaced while the cooling loops are still in operation.

VCS and OCS also provided replacement equipment and controls for additional process loops located at the South Plant and the Old North Stamping Plant.

Today, Moore points to the work and technology at TOA as a “shining example” for new clients.  Showcasing the work and superior partner products allows others to see how partnering with Envelop creates truly innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and tailored solutions in all markets of the HVAC and Industrial cooling water industry.


  • 1,700 Ton total HVAC systems
  • 4 process cooling loops, 7 Evapco cooling towers
  • 16 custom Innovent DX Gas make up air units (custom painted to match the facility’s facade)
  • 2 ACS custom pump skids with process pumps, recirculation pumps, dual duty backup / standby pumps
  • PLC custom controls with BMS integration, plus dual well stainless storage tanks
  • Water filtration equipment with parallel dual duty connections so that filters can be replaced while the process equipment is in operation