University Place

Independent Living Wing

Fire Alarm System

Wireless Upgrades

University Place, a Purdue University affiliate, is a senior living facility located in West Lafayette, IN. With an existing, third-party fire alarm system original to the building, University Place was not satisfied with the level of fire security and safety for their residents. Using the previous system and installed 120VAC smoke detectors, any alarm that went off would not be monitored by the third-party fire alarm system in the building. When it came time for modifications to be made to expand on the facilities fire safety plan, OCS presented a solution that allowed for notification of the 120VAC detectors in the apartments. With the new system installed, if a fire occurs, the intelligent fire detection system called SWIFT by Notifier, will notify a central control panel that can contact the main office. University Place residents and their loved ones can now sleep soundly knowing they’ll be safer.

Challenges and Process

Prior to switching to the SWIFT system by Notifier, University Place was using code compliant 120VAC detectors in the apartments, but these were not able to be monitored by the main fire alarm system in the building. The independent living section has apartment-like units for individuals that are still dependent on themselves. Within the units, the previous company installed smoke detectors and, while they worked perfectly, the were not being properly monitored.

OCS needed to find a solution to alert staff more quickly in the event the apartment detectors were to go into alarm. To do this, SWIFT was implemented as its own standalone system.  OCS utilized a dry contact on the 120VAC detectors in each apartment and installed a wireless monitor module on the SWIFT system. Wireless gateways were also installed throughout the independent living wing that communicated each alarm back to the panel. OCS then installed an annunciator panel at the main reception desk of the building where building personnel were stationed during business hours. This allowed building personnel to respond more quickly than normal to any alarm or potential emergency. In addition, OCS also integrated the new Notifier panel with the existing wireless, nurse call system in the building. By doing so, anyone monitoring the nurse call system will be alerted of an event 24/7.


The system’s capabilities allow University Place to accurately monitor and respond quickly to any fire safety concerns. After the successful integration with the panel, University Place can now scale as needed without having to spend large amounts on fire safety. The SWIFT system, the first of its kind to be installed in Indiana, is a reliable solution that uses redundant communication paths to ensure that event data reaches the fire alarm control panel in a timely manner and without disruptions. In all, with the new SWIFT detectors in place, University Place is now a safer facility to live.