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Ongoing Services from Installation to Solution Maintenance

Comprehensive Support

For Building & Facility Energy Management

We utilize compliance initiatives (62.1, 90.1 & 135) from  the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). These standards are implemented in our customized maintenance agreements that offer energy management, continual commissioning and ongoing monitoring.

Envelop provides detailed system reviews to facilitate  effective adjustments  and fine-tuning of components for operational efficiency. Other services include software upgrades, required documentation updates, remote real-time monitoring and periodic reviews of site logs and alarms.

Our technical support agreements include a remote access feature that provides technical analysis and review without a standard service call. We also provide systems training on-site or at our facility that are designed to fit each customer’s requirements and specifications.

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Full-Service Support Offerings

To Meet Your Specific Requirements

Part Replacement

Consulting, ordering, installation and maintenance of all parts available.

Mr. Goodtower

HVAC cooling tower support maintenance and part replacement sponsored by EVAPCO.

ASHRAE Compliance Initiatives

Compliant with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards for ASHRAE 62.1, 90.1 and 135.

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

Customized maintenance agreements based around specific service activities, including energy management.

Continual Commissioning

Ongoing monitoring and review of existing systems to adjust and tune, helping ensure efficient operation.

Documentation Management Updates

Review, update and management of facility documentation to ensure it remains current.

Factory Training

Coordination and facilitation of customer- specific training.

Onsite Training

Select training at the customer's location or Envelop office.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular, systematic, planned service to help prevent outages.

Seasonal Reviews and Adjustments

Review Sequence of Operation instructions for potential seasonal impact, adjusting accordingly to ensure system efficiencies during varied periods, based on the environmental needs of each facility.

Remote Monitoring

Regular review of site logs and alarms which reduces trip expenses and provides real time feedback.

Software Upgrades

Documented benefits and software upgrades to maintain current revisions and compatibility of systems.

System Alarm Monitoring

Real-time alarm monitoring to reduce outage impacts.

Technical Support Agreements

Remote access service support, providing technical analysis and review without a service call.

Test and Inspections

Utilizing controlled inspection and testing to provide predictive maintenance.